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Category Archive: Piggy Tales

The Litter Rat

Download as PDF I was walking down the sidewalk and as I passed a worker’s truck, a bag of fast food waste came flying out of the window and landed on the ground in front of me… I looked over and there were two guys sitting in the truck. One was picking his teeth with …

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Merge Maniac

Download as PDF I was driving on the freeway this morning on my way to a meeting. As my exit approached, I signaled to switch lanes, but the car in the next lane sped up, preventing me from doing so. I slowed to let him pass, so I could change lanes but he paced me …

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Supermarket Sociopath

Download as PDF Yesterday I stood in line at the supermarket behind a woman who was practically shouting into her cell phone. The man in front of her unloaded his basket and the checkout clerk began scanning items as the woman argued with her son about what they were having for dinner. Apparently she lost …

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Going Postal

Download as PDF I entered the post office and took my place where the line normally starts. It was only when another gentleman entered (talking loudly on his cell phone) that I realized that there was already a woman “in line” at the other end of the lobby. Since I had been waiting before him, …

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Don’t Thumb Your Blackberry at Me

Last night, my husband and I went out for dinner. As we were driving to the restaurant, we pulled alongside a guy who was thumbing a message into his Blackberry. While doing 45 mph. My husband beeped the horn to get the guy’s attention and made a “c’mon, you’ve got to be kidding” look. Instead of looking guilty, the guy flipped us off and continued typing his message.